"Classic on a Classic"is a four set collectable collection, copyrighted, with written authorization of approval from Harley Davidson INC, and a limited edition.   The three colored premium posters are 24"x36" and the black and white is 11"X17".

You can purchase direct

A complete set of the posters is $70.00 plus shipping and handling.

The colored posters... $19.99 each  plus shipping and handling.

The Black and white poster...$19.99 each  plus shipping and handling.

All purchases will receive a copy of the copyright and authorization from Harley Davidson INC.  To order contact direct through the contact us tab or email maximizem@yahoo.com

Inspired by a true story,  "Travesty" chronicles the life of Margie Shepherd a 58 year old women who was abducted by her nurse from a plastic surgeon's Private recovery room following breast surgery.  Three days later, Margie awakens in a hotel room to discover more that $19,000 missing from her checking account an initial loss that soon balloons into nearly 3.5 million.

Discover Margie's persistent and relentless battles with lawyers, police investigators, a bank, and the medical industry in her dogged effort to achieve justice.  When the national media finally discovers her plight, is it too late to jail the alleged perpetrator?

"Classic on a Classic"


"Classic on a Classic" On Canvas

Wholesale pricing is available on the posters to vendors and large purchases please contact us in order to make arrangements.

Maximize M  Productions

"Classic on a Classic" #1 , #2, and #3 are available on canvas.  They measure 24x32 and are unframed.  These are now on sale for $149.99 plus Shipping and Handling.  These are copyrighted with written approval from Harley Davidson Inc. 

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The book "Travesty" is a universal message of awareness of the potential dangers of the medical field.  It is inspirational, and full of  positivity oh how to


" Classic on a Classic"  #4 Is also available on canvas and measures 36x36.  It is a custom made frame in a silver metallic, with the frame it measures 40x40.  This is priced at $3500.00 plus shipping and handling. This specific canvas is a one of a kind and will never be reproduced.

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